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Procedure of obtain Births Certificate for Tanzanian Citizen Living outside the country

Procedures of obtain Births Certificate for the Tanzanian Citizen Living outside the country.

First Option:

  • Send an application through this email Address info@rita.go.tz
  • Attach one of the following (Clinic card, baptismal certificate, School leaving certificates [primary, Secondary]), for the confirmation of birth date, place of birth and Parents Citizenship.
  • Download this Form B3 (Registration of a child above 90days ,but below 10 yrs), or Dowload Form B3 (Registration of a Child above 10yrs). Please fill the form and submit via email address:info@rita.go.tz

  • Second Option:
  • You will receive an email from RITA,with attachment of Afidavit Form, from Registrar General.
  • Print and fill the Afidavit Form, then attach with three (3)passport size.
  • Scan Afidavit Form, the send the Form via e-mail Addrees:info@rita.go.tz
    Thrird Option:
  • You will receive an email from RITA, which allow you to proceed and continuing with payment process
  • Payment of Births Certificate will depent on the option you choose(DHL, EMS n.k)

  • Certificate of Child under 10years - $14.
  • Certificate of Child above 10years - $20.
  • Clear cheque - $20.
  • We request you to make research of the appropriate way of Sending you Certificate is how much depending in your location,then send to us the Certificate fee and package fee.
  • We instist in full and complete payment.

    Download Forms Available here