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Registration of Deaths

A death is required to be registered within 30days, however the law allows for late registration. The duty to register death lies on the following:

NB: A Doctor, nearest relatives of such person who were present at his death or in attendance during his last illness, occupier of the house , inmate of the house ,or any person taking charge of burying such person.

1: Registration of death within 30 days

    If the death occurred in hospitals, health centers and dispensaries, ensure you obtain Burial Permit. In case of a death occurring at home report to Village Executive Officer or the District Registrar of Birth and Deaths to obtain burial permit. This should be done within 30 days.

2.Procedure to obtain Death certificate

  • Submit Burial permit to District Registrar of Birth and Deaths of District within which the death occurred.
  • Pay appropriate fee for Certificate (current fee rate Tshs. 3500/=).

3: Late registration of deaths.

  • Fill and submit Form D3, attach supporting documents (Minutes of the family meeting and Letter from relevant government authorities such as Ward Executive Officer, Village executive officer) to prove death.
  • Submit passport size photograph of the Applicant.
  • Pay appropriate fee( current fee rate is Tshs 4000/= if death is over 30 days and below 10 years. If the death is over 10 years the fee is Tshs 10,000/=).

4: Certification of death certificates

  • Submit photocopy of the certificate to certified.
  • Pay appropriate fee ( current fee rate Tshs 3000/=).

5: To make correction on the certificate of death

  • Submit request for correction
  • Attach supporting documents
  • Surrender certificate which needs to be corrected.
  • Pay appropriate fee if application allowed( current fee rate Tshs.6500/=being 3000/= correction fee , 1500/= search fee and 2000/= certificate fee)